Inserra Logo-01South Florida has no shortage of personal injury lawsuits. With any area that has a high population, this should be expected. We here at Inserra Law Firm show the most common types of personal injury claims that are made in South Florida. You may be surprised at the circumstances that may warrant a personal injury claim.

In any personal injury situation, If you’ve suffered an injury at the hands of someone else’s negligence in South Florida, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Obviously, it can be difficult and overwhelming to navigate the legal system on your own. You don’t have to, as Inserra Law Firm will represent you in court.

Many types of personal injuries can warrant personal injury claims. We are going to show some of the most common situations where you may be able to file a claim.

For personal injury claims, it’s crucial that you hire a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. There are statutes of limitations restricting the amount of time you have to request a legal proceeding.


The Most Common Types of Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury claims can take on many forms, and the goal is always the same. To receive the compensation you deserve for lost wages, medical bills, damaged property, and pain and suffering. Here are the most common types of personal injury claims in South Florida.

Slips & Fall

You may not realize it, but a slip and fall injury claim can be filed even if the accident did not happen at a place of business. Yes, it’s true. Places like restaurants, retail stores, and public areas maintained by a state or city are certainly responsible for keeping spaces safe, but private property owners are responsible as well. If you’re injured on another person’s private property like a place of business, you may also be entitled to a personal injury claim. A personal injury lawyer will be able to advise you on your case and help determine whether a property owner was at fault.

Animal Attacks

Animal attacks don’t have to take the form of a vicious mauling to lead to a personal injury case. If you have been bitten by an animal and require medical attention of any kind, such as stitches or antibiotics or pain medication, you may be entitled to compensation. It is crucial that you keep documentation of all the paperwork surrounding the incident for your case.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident, it’s essential that you seek medical care immediately to attain documentation of the injuries you have suffered. You will need that paperwork to present to a legal team and court system as proof that your condition is a result of the accident. Keep all paperwork regarding medical bills, diagnoses, medication costs, and time off work that results in lost wages. Additionally, document all property damage you incurred in the accident. These costs can all be factored into your claim.

Assault, Battery, & Robbery

If you suffer injuries as the result of an assault, battery, or robbery, often the police get involved and press criminal charges on the perpetrator. Even though the matter is prosecuted in criminal court, you are still entitled to file a personal injury claim for any damages you have suffered. The perpetrator can be held responsible in both criminal and civil court for their actions.

Defective Products

If a defective product has injured you, you might be entitled to what is known as a product liability claim. Examples of this claim include products that have malfunctioned and caused injury and the use of products that caused damage due to unclear instructions. Additionally, organizations that knowingly or otherwise sold you the incorrect product based on your needs can be held liable for personal injury claims.


Some Facts to Remember

The most crucial part of filing a personal injury claim takes place before you even contact a personal injury lawyer in South Florida. First, contact the authorities so that the occurrence is documented for legal reasons. Second, seek medical care immediately upon leaving the scene. Do not delay care for any reason.

Keep copies of all records pertaining to the incident and contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. An expert legal team will help you navigate the course of the legal system and advise you on how to proceed with any further communications with other parties involved.
If you’ve been injured in an accident, don’t wait to take action.

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