sanibel_islandA jury awarded a Sanibel Island, Florida woman more than $2 million in damages. This happening four years after being hit by a car while riding her bicycle on the island, according to a press release from the Schlesinger Law Offices.

Mary Mitchell, 67, the woman injured, could have settled for $450,000 in arbitration, but decided to bring the case to trial. The crash occurred on April 2015.

“Ultimately, we all felt that was not at all an accurate measure of the extent of this woman’s injuries, pain, suffering and damages,” said Bryan Hofeld, lead attorney for Mitchell.


What Happened to the Cyclist

Mitchell was riding her bicycle through a crosswalk when she was hit by Steven Anderson, who was on vacation from Minnesota.

According to court documents, Mitchell suffered a broken wrist and a broken hip,

While she is happy with the verdict, she still suffers from her injuries.

“There’s no magic wand for this,” Hofeld said. “She still has significant medical problems that she will have on a permanent basis because of this accident.”

Mitchell initially was on her way to a great recovery but developed chronic hip pain, which continued for several years. Within the last year, the hip pain got so bad, that she was no longer able to ride her bike. Mitchell also has difficulty participating in her favorite hobbies, sculpting, and gardening.

According to Hofeld, her pain is caused by a metal screw putting pressure on soft tissue. She is also prone to developing post-traumatic arthritis because of the accident.

Initially, the defense denied any negligence. A day before the trial, Anderson admitted to being negligent but disputed the severity of Mitchell’s injuries, Hofeld said.

Anderson’s attorneys declined to comment.

The trial lasted two days and then the verdict was filed, with the court awarding Mitchell $2,181,631.33 in total damages.

The jury deliberated for 37 minutes, which is “pretty quick,” Hofeld said.

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