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Wrongful Death


Wrongful death is when someone dies at the fault or negligence of another. Whether this be a person or a company, the people who suffered at the loss of the deceased have a right to a wrongful death claim. This is due to possible lost wages, lost family and any expenses that come with the death of said person. A personal injury attorney knows that these can be trying times and they want you to be protected. In order to obtain compensation, call The Inserra Law Firm for advice on your wrongful death claim.


What Constitutes Wrongful Death?


Wrongful death is any situation where someone was negligent and another person died as a result of such negligence. Examples being a car accident, medical malpractice or where a company could be held accountable like a construction accident. The survivors that had a relationship with the victim are allowed to file a wrongful death claim. As long as they were dependent on the victim financially, were a spouse or in relation with the victim or are a child of the deceased. If you are able to prove financial dependency, then you may file a wrongful death case.


Wrongful Death Compensation


Compensation for a wrongful death claim can cover a large variety of items. As the spouse of the victim, you’d be able to sue for loss of companionship. If you’re a child of the victim, you may sue for loss of care and guidance. Along with a possible loss of inheritance from the deceased. More common claims would be for loss of potential wages and what they provided to those within the claim. Finally, all the suffering the victim went through, the cost of the medical expenses and the funeral costs would all be covered in a successful wrongful death case. We at The Inserra Law Firm understand that those going through the loss of another is difficult. If you wish to receive proper compensation from those responsible for the loss of a loved one, contact one of our Personal Injury Attorneys today.

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