Head & Traumatic Brain Injury

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Head & Traumatic Brain Injury

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries or TBI often happen when an individual is involved in a car, truck, pedestrian, slip and fall, or other accident.
  • These types of injuries can be from mild to severe and many times in mild cases people do not even realize it.
  • Ignoring the signs and prolonging medical treatment can greatly increase the chances of developing serious cognitive impairment.
  • TBI’s are typically caused by strong external forces applied to a person’s head, causing the brain to shake back and forth inside the skull. Thus, leading to short or long-term cognitive impairment.
  • Symptoms include dizziness, amnesia, blurred vision, headaches, confusion, speech impairment, disorientation, inability to concentrate, lightheadedness. It is important to understand that you may not show all of these symptoms but only just a few.
  • Recovery time can take anywhere from a few weeks to impairments that could last a lifetime.
  • Proving TBI requires the knowledge and expertise of a medical expert. One that can testify that the injured person sustained the serious brain injury as a result of someone else’s negligence. If such a medical expert can connect the subject accident to the TBI, you may recover compensation for lost wages, pain and suffering, economic harm, loss of ability to function, loss of earning capacity, emotional distress, and loss of spousal companionship.

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