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Boat Accidents


Being involved in a boating accident can lead to some very traumatizing events. People may be thrown overboard and get extremely injured during the collision. These accidents may get very complicated based off those involved in the accident. Also, the location of the boating accident may affect Federal, State and International Maritime Laws. You’re going to need a professional that know the ends and out of maritime laws and boating accidents. Contact a Personal Injury Attorney at The Inserra Law Firm to get a consultation.


Steps to Take After for a Boating Accident


Boating accidents can get very critical, very fast. People may be thrown overboard, into a layer of the deck or even hit by an object that is propelled due to the boating accident. What you need to due is immediately establish if everyone is ok. Once everyone is salvaged and the danger is through, contact the Coast Guard. If anyone is in need of medical attention, they will rush those to the nearest medical facility. The Coast Guard will document the accident and retrieve reports from both sides. Make sure you obtain all information related to the incident. Also, if any witnesses were present, gather their information as well. Finally, your next step is to contact a professional. A Personal Injury Attorney from The Inserra Law Firm will guide you through each step necessary to obtain proper compensation.


Establishing Fault


Both sides are going to be wanting some type of compensation. If you are not protected by a professional, then anything you say and do will be used against you at a later time. These professionals know the ins and outs of maritime laws and have a Personal Injury Attorney on your side levels the playing field. Your attorney will document all information regarding to medical expenses, insurance details and possible lost wages. There will be a thorough investigation to establish fault and you want to obtain the correct compensation for your claim. Contact The Inserra Law Firm for a Personal Injury Attorney that will protect you and your interests after a boating accident.

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