leon_countyA woman has been awarded one of the biggest slip and fall verdicts ever in Tallahassee, Florida after collecting nearly $2 million.

A Leon County jury ruled that Siraji Inc., the owner of the USA Grocers convenience store was responsible for causing the 2016 slip and fall of 47-year-old Stephanie Jenkins. Jenkins was awarded $1.9 million for the severe and permanent injuries she suffered.


What Happened

According to a press release sent by her attorneys, Morgan & Morgan, in December 2016, Jenkins was buying sodas when she slipped and fell on a puddle of water that had collected in front of a bin of ice and beer in USA Grocers.

She landed on her tailbone and her right hand. That caused significant back, neck, shoulder and wrist injuries that have required extensive treatment, including rotator cuff surgery and carpal tunnel surgery.

The press release said Jenkins was seeking compensation for her past medical bills totaling $111,000, her future medical bills estimated to be $350,000 as well as damages for her severe and lifelong pain and suffering.

The jury awarded Jenkins $1,930,704 in total, one of the biggest slip and fall verdicts ever in Tallahassee, Florida.

“We are of course pleased with the jury’s verdict,” said Jenkins’ attorney James Biggart. “The owner knew its ice bins were creating an unsafe situation and did not take the proper steps to protect its customers. Ms. Jenkins has suffered immensely due to the negligence of this convenience store, and this verdict will change her and her husband’s life and reduce the enormous burden they’ve faced from medical bills and pain and suffering.”


USA Grocers Admits Guilt Through Action

The press release stated the owner admitted that it knew those ice bins created the potential for water to collect on the floor. The guilt was seemingly admitted when immediately after Jenkins’ fall, the manager mopped up the puddle that had collected and put wet floor signs out. Prior to her fall, there were no signs, no mats, and no buckets under the ice bin where the water is meant to drain out.

Another customer had slipped and fallen in the same spot approximately a year earlier. It seems that they did not push a lawsuit when that happened. One bullet dodged.

The night of her fall, Jenkins’ husband took her to the emergency room. She had two herniated discs in her neck, an injury in her lumbar spine, nerve damage in her wrist, and a complete tear in her rotator cuff.

She has spent two-and-a-half years doing pain management, physical therapy, spinal injections, and facing a lumbar disc fusion surgery, in addition to the two surgeries she’s already endured.

What is rare in slip and fall cases, is that the jury found no liability on Jenkins, according to the press release.

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